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Here we present some charts, maps, and graphs. Each of these while accurate can be mis-leading. For each type of graphic shown, we will try to explain the limitations of that particular style of charting so help decrease the potential mis-understandings and mis-use of the data.

All of the following maps and charts were generated from the total infections from the beginning. This has been a total of 35 Million unique IP's. This is not the current population, but only the total systems that connected. Many of these could be mobile or connect from behind networks that conceal actual numbers or systems.

The entire discussion of population is a very difficult area. It seems that most people seem to err to the optimistic side, or very high, whereas we prefer to be more realistic about potential population levels. The only truly accurate level is the live population as we monitor it. Which has been between one million and three million a day.

Infection Maps

The following maps outline all the known infections that we have seen as of Wednesday, 1 April 2009. While the maps appear very detailed, the mapping process itself is somewhat inaccurate. Each area of color is a spot that must be placed and then a range of color applied based off the density of data in that spot. So, the greater the scale of the map there is an increased bleed effect of the applied dots and distribution. Areas can appear far more infected than they are in actuality. So we present the maps as something to see within those limitations and built-in levels of inaccuracy.

World Infections

United States Infections

Europe Infections

Australia Infections

Malaysia/Indonesia Infections

Network Neighborhood Infection Maps

These heatmaps are generated using space filling Hilbert Curve. Inspiration for heatmap comes from the xkcd comic.